Friday, January 13, 2006

Call for submissions: Indigenous Wisdom, Enduring Love - Reclaiming the Teachings of Our Ancestors

Responsible: Maynard (Mike) and Ruth Hansen, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; John Yuille Ph.D., British Columbia, Canada; IICRC, network formerly represented by Mark Hansen J.D. Why: Deschutes County Family Court, Brie Arnette.

Call for submissions:

To Native Poets, Storytellers, Teachers, Farmers, Herders, Gatherers, Fishermen, Mid-wives, Craftspeople, Carvers, Pullers, Wildcrafters, Artists, Musicians, Authors, Spiritual Leaders… Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Aunties and Uncles… And those who want to offer their knowledge and spirit to our children as they face the future, you are invited:

Indigenous Wisdom, Enduring Love

Reclaiming the Teachings of Our Ancestors

An Anthology of Native and Indigenous Voices

The changing climate is threatening our children's sense of well-being. We know, from our own feelings of sadness, grief, anger, and despair that we cannot shelter our children from the fears they may feel. Yet we, as Native peoples, have our traditions, values, wisdom, strength, and resilience to offer to them.

As I call on my own life lessons in guiding my daughter, I appreciate what it is I don't know. But what I can't see, others do. This project hopes to pool our collective voices and empower our next generations, as they look to the twenty-first century and beyond. Your words may comfort, offer a steadying path, be a practical guide. With the love we have for our children, I know your words can offer the gleam, and the know-how, of ever-ending hope. These are the personal stories, essays, and poems I envision in this work. I hope you’ll join me.

Submissions are encouraged no later than June 30, 2008. This work is from the heart. Though I can't offer any fees, I will donate a book to the library of your choice.

Please email typed submissions to:, or send by regular mail to: Terri Hansen, 2325 SE 66th Ave., Portland , OR 97215. Word format is preferred. Please include your bio, and full contact information. We will not publish your contact information unless you specifically request inclusion of a URL.

To contact me personally, please email: Kindly post or forward this call for submissions to those who you feel it may interest.

My very best wishes,