Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, disease outbreaks – how ready are you?

Hurricane season arrived June 1. If that’s not a concern to your region, consider this: tornadoes, floods, drought, wildfires, disease outbreaks. Are you ready for the unexpected?

Tribal officials are not included in the current U.S. channels of information about emergency preparedness and planning. But there are steps you can take to be certain your family is ready.

The websites gathered below help you prepare for many threats you might face, beginning with how to put together that basic emergency kit every family should have in their home and car.

Buy your food, water and other essentials for your disaster kit such as batteries, in bulk to save money. Look for two-for-one deals and stick to generic brands. Make a family plan in case of an emergency including where to meet, who will be in charge of taking care of children.

News that a disaster is on its way can cause any family to worry. Instead, focus on your strengths and abilities. You have to plan just once for all types of disasters.

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